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Plus, I’ve got some ready-made messages and webinars designed to show your team why embracing diversity and inclusion is better for everybody.

See for yourself why so many organizations trust Maximum Communications to lead their DEI discussions.

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Building Better Workplaces

Discover how Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) differ and why fully understanding key principles matters. During an engaging in-person or webinar experience, we’ll discuss how unconscious bias happens, learn what microaggression means, and explore ways to better advocate for DEI in the workplace.

Learn about my most popular experience, a 5-part DEI learning series (images below).

FreeStar Ep 2, Unpacking Bias
FreeStar Ep. 5
Medford Leas_Ep. 4

If you're looking for something you don't see here, I would also love to craft a message & presentation especially for your team.

What can I say about Ayana King? So much! Her positive enthusiasm, high energy and superior creative talent mean you can hire her with confidence. 

Lori Jo V.

"Ayana did a great job presenting for the healthcare professionals at the VA Hospital on Implicit Bias. Her style and technique is spot on and everyone could relate to the topic. Her personal stories added a great touch along with her videos. Thank you, Ayana!"

Karen A.

"We especially appreciated her highlights on equity, metaphors to make D+I more comprehensive and understandable."

Katie T.

"I participated in a 4-week DEI Web Series and learn more than I could have ever expected. I'm looking forward to sharing my learnings among friends, family, and co-workers."

Taylor M.

"Ayana is a amazing speaker! Her presentations unpack DEI in a way that is concise and clear cut, yet incredibly impactful. Every time I hear her speak, I walk away having learned something new and knowing I have some work to do!"

Lori B.

"I took 4 courses on Diversity and Inclusion and all of them provided valuable tips and thought-provoking lessons."

Charity L.

Ayana is an amazing presenter and so knowledgeable. She actually presents on things that we should know as management, business owners, etc.; BUT she takes the information to another level.

Nerys H.

"In 10 minutes, I learned more about a subject that I never thought would intrigue me so much. Words have power and it's not what you say that teaches people, it's how you say it. Ayana, you could not have said it better!"

Gina G.